Marketplace Tech for Wednesday April 24, 2013

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Twitter can be hacked. Who cares, if Twitter is for fun. But consider this: Somebody hacked into the Associated Press Twitter account Tuesday and sent a fake tweet about a bogus explosion at the White House. Investors were watching and the Dow fell about about a percent before the tweet was retracted.  Some experts believe the hack started with a tainted email sent to some unsuspecting AP employee. The strategy is called spearfishing and we are all urged to be alert for suspicious email. And, a final check-in with Jamie Kitman, New York editor of Automobile Magazine, as he completes his cross-country roadtrip.

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7 days, 1 car, 3,375 miles: Tallying up a road trip across America

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AP Twitter hack: Is it getting harder to protect yourself against suspicious emails?

A fake tweet from the AP caused the Dow to fall almost about one percent on Tuesday.
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