Marketplace Tech for Monday, April 8, 2013

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Television stations have powerful transmitters. Instead of the sometimes slow and often expensive Internet, why not use those transmitters to get TV shows into smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. The National Association of Broadcasters big show is going on right now in Las Vegas and one key development is called, simply 'Mobile TV' -- special smartphones or special add-ons for mobile devices so you can keep watching when you head out the door.  

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How the DMCA protects printers' ink and other unintended consequences

As the digital age progresses, is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act moving with it? Harvard Law Professor Jonathan Zittrain explains the law and its upcoming tests.
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Why go through the Internet to watch TV on the go?

Instead of streaming movies and shows on your smartphone over Wi-Fi, why not watch them over the same transmitters that send signals to your television? Mobile TV may be the next key development for broadcasters.
Posted In: television, mobile, media

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