Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Harrisburg, Pa. will file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy

What does a municipal bankruptcy in a town like Harrisburg really mean for the national economy?

Josh Brown: Bankruptcy 'not a pleasure cruise' for municipalities

The town of Harrisburg, Pa. recently voted to declare bankruptcy. Will more municipalities across the country soon follow suit?

Chrysler reaches tentative deal with UAW

Chrysler is the last of the Big Three American automakers to finish negotiations with the United Auto Workers Union.
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Slovakia heads towards another vote for bailout fund

We speak to Slovakian politician, Martin Poliacik, about why he and other colleagues voted against the measure yesterday to extend the European bailout fund.

Global BlackBerry users experience service disruptions

A disruption to the Research in Motion hub in London has had BlackBerry users in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East without service.

Manufacturing looks to change its image problem

As their baby boomer employees retire, manufacturing companies are looking to entice younger recruits.
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Free trade deals moving

The deal with South Korea is the biggest moving through Congress, and some U.S. products would get a needed boost.

U.S. steel industry shows signs of a turnaround

Natural gas and automotive industries are giving a boost to U.S. steel.
Posted In: Economy

Apple launches the iCloud

Apple is joining a list of other companies already playing the cloud market.

Senate passes bill to halt undervaluing of Chinese yuan

Complaints against China and its ability to undervalue its currency have made their way to the U.S. Senate. The bill would impose tariffs on imports from countries suspected of such monetary maneuvers.
Posted In: Washington

Mid-day Extra: Fighting for a seat on the morning commute

Londoners face crowded subway trains every morning on the way to the office. What kind of tactics might give them an edge in actually getting a seat?
Posted In: Transportation, commute, London

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