Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Study: British losing love for standing in line

A study out from the bank Barclays says the British are becoming less willing to wait for what they want.

Intel antitrust settlement will change how it prices, markets chips

Intel has settled a major antitrust case with the Federal Trade Commission which could lead to lower prices and more innovation going forward.
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Euro banks telling same story as U.S. firms

Banks in Europe are reporting how well business is doing. The financial institutions seem to be telling the same story going around in the U.S., and there are indicators that recovery is underway.
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Louisiana shrimpers getting set to return to work

Louisiana officials meet tomorrow to set the start of the fall shrimping season in the Gulf of Mexico. Not everyone is thrilled at the idea of going back to the work.
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Pakistan's floods will have large-scale economic impact

Floodwaters continue to flow through Pakistan, devastating infrastructure and livelihoods. Neva Khan from Oxfam discusses the relief effort already on the ground.

San Francisco plastic bag ban could extend to all city retailers

San Francisco might expand its ban on plastic bags in big supermarkets and chain drugstores to all retailers. Many business owners are against the idea, but not all.
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BP makes plugging progress; 75% of oil has dispersed

BP says it is making progress plugging the Gulf oil well, and the government is set to announce today that roughly three-quarters of the oil has already dispersed.
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