Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday April 23, 2014

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Rick Warren's church
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Rick Warren is opening up a satellite church in LA that will hold services at the Hollywood Palladium (capacity 3,000). Warren's is one of the few churches that has capitalized on creating smaller satellite churches as a way to increase membership for people who want a more intimate church home vs large megachurch experience. Rick Warren knows he can't be everywhere to preach. Warren himself said "Los Angeles is one of the most strategically important cities in the world, why not start a campus there?" How does he stand to profit, beyond increasing membership? Plus, we take a closer look at the evolution of Apple ahead of Apple Earnings. Has the company that used to be known as innovative, lost some of its luster?
Rick Warren speaks at the Global

Rick Warren goes global, for more mega-church action

Of the world's 20 biggest megachurches, only one is in the U.S.
Posted In: religion, churches, mega-churches, Rick Warren

Is there another tech bubble on the verge of bursting?

One famed activist investor says there is a tech bubble and he's betting against it.
Posted In: Google, Silicon Valley, activist investing

Regional airlines need pilots but offer low wages

There’s a huge demand for pilots at the nation’s regional airlines.
Posted In: Airlines, salry, pay

Why the lights have dimmed on LA's film industry

Film and TV production flee LA for big tax subsidies in states like Georgia and New York.
Posted In: hollywood, film industry

Are Apple's halcyon growth days over?

Apple is expected to report mostly flat revenues from a year ago.
Posted In: apple, Earnings, steve jobs

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