Avishay Artsy

Assistant Producer, Marketplace


Avishay Artsy is a former afternoon news producer for KCRW in Santa Monica. Artsy also formerly worked as an Assistant Producer at Marketplace. 

Prior to joining Marketplace, Artsy was the producer and director of “Word of Mouth” at New Hampshire Public Radio and has worked for radio stations in Washington, DC; Paris, France; and Lincoln, Nebraska. Artsy also has created freelance stories which have aired on Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Marketplace, Weekend America, Only a Game and Destination DIY, among others.

Artsy is a recipient of numerous awards including: the Nebraska Associated Press Broadcast News Award for Sports Feature, Natural Sound, Agriculture Reporting (2005-2006); Northwest Broadcast News Association – Eric Sevareid Award (2006); Lilly Scholarship, Religious Newswriters Association (2007); German Marshall Fund Journalism Fellowship (2007); Science Literacy Project Fellowship, SoundVision Productions (2009).

Artsy received his bachelor’s degree in political communications from Boston University.

A native of Nashua, N. H., Artsy has lived abroad in Israel and France and currently resides in Los Angeles.

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