Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Poll: Taxpayer money is misspent

If you think your taxes are being misspent, you're not alone. A BBC poll asked people in 22 countries about how well their governments are tackling the big economic challenges. And they had pretty strong views on how wisely governments use taxpayer money.

Home prices rise for 4th straight month

Home prices rose 3% from over a year ago. Why? Juli Niemann, analyst at Smith, Moore & Co., talks the details with Bill Radke. And weighs in on what's happening with banks these days.

Lawmakers review gas pipeline safety

Are the safety laws on America's pipelines springing some leaks? That's what the Senate Commerce Committee debates this afternoon. That deadly natural gas explosion in San Bruno, Calif., this month has prompted calls for more federal oversight and pipeline upgrades. Sarah Gardner reports.
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FTC goes after POM over health claims

The Federal Trade Commission's filed a complaint against the owners of POM Wonderful pomegranate juice, saying the company's marketers are making false claims of health benefits. Washington bureau chief John Dimsdale talks with Steve Chiotakis about the health claims POM is making.
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Sustainability of future news devices

Blackberrry has just unveiled a tablet style device to compete with the iPad. Yet one more sign pointing to a new age of news delivery. How does the future of how we get our news factor into the environment? Adreine Hill reports.
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A move to stop China chain run from jail

GOME, China's largest appliance chain, is being run from inside a jail cell. The company's founder is serving a 14-year sentence for insider trading and graft, but he's still calling the shots. But GOME shareholders are meeting to change that. Rob Schmitz reports.

Lloyd's profits hurt by disaster claims

British insurer Lloyd's of London paid out more in claims in the first half of the year than in any other six-month period in its history. London bureau chief Stephen Beard talks with Steve Chiotakis about why 2010 has been such a bad year for Lloyd's.

U.K. gets big on cheese

Soon cheese-makers across the United Kingdom face off for the title of supreme champion at the Great British Cheese Festival. The British Cheese industry has experienced something of a renaissance in recent years, and artisans from all over the country are turning up the heat on their European neighbors. Christopher Werth reports.
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Will taxpayers get AIG money back?

The government may soon announce the next steps in its breakup with AIG. Taxpayers bailed out the insurance giant at the height of the financial crisis. Word is, the government is getting ready to sell that stock, so we can get some of our money back. Will we? Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

Report: Few women in management

At a congressional hearing, the Government Accountability Office will issue a survey that finds little progress in women moving into management positions. Washington bureau chief John Dimsdale talks with Bill Radke about how many women are in management and why there's so much inequality between how much men and women managers are paid.
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