Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, September 22, 2009

U.S. will take on climate change

At the U.N.'s climate change summit today, President Obama declared that the U.S. is a serious partner in combating global warming. Bill Radke explores the president's message to world leaders with Marketplace's Tamara Keith.

Premiums fuel health care overhaul

The Senate Finance Committee takes up a health care overhaul bill today as the administration continues to push for reform. Meanwhile, a new report says insurance premiums continue to rise. Marketplace's Tamara Keith talks to Bill Radke.
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Fed could ease up on easy money

The Federal Reserve Board kicks off a two-day meeting to discuss interest rates today, and it doesn't look like they'll be raised any time soon. And some economists say a little inflation may be a good thing. John Dimsdale reports.

Cadbury to Kraft: Put up or shut up

Cadbury has asked the British Takeover Panel to help in its battle against Kraft's takeover bid. The confectioner wants the panel to impose a deadline on Kraft to make a formal offer by a certain date or drop its bid. Stephen Beard reports.

Airlines will make deep cuts to CO2

The aviation industry is promising to go green, and will pledge at the upcoming U.N. summit to make deep cuts in its CO2 emissions. Bill Radke discusses the move with European correspondent Stephen Beard.
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IPOs are back and backlogged

The market for initial public offerings has been dead for awhile, but this week has been the busiest for IPOs since December of 2007 -- and there's a big backlog of companies desperate to go public. Jill Barshay reports.
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It's even harder to get an NYC condo

The prices for real estate in New York City are unbelievably high, and new restrictions are making it tougher than ever for even those with good credit to get a mortgage -- especially for an apartment. Sally Herships reports.
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U.S., China talk climate change policy

President Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao meet on climate change in New York today as part of a major climate summit at this week's U.N. general assembly. Alisa Roth explores the U.S. and China's commitments to curbing emissions.

FDIC considers new source of cash

When a bank fails, the FDIC protects everyone's deposits and prevents bank runs. Normally it gets its money from fees paid by banks, but it's considering a new plan to start asking healthy banks for loans. Tamara Keith reports.
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