Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Over 46 million Americans live below poverty level

President Obama continues to push his jobs plan through Congress this week at a time when the number of Americans living below the poverty level is an all-time high.
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What's in a name: Corn sugar vs. corn syrup

A court case in California over the rebranding of corn syrup to "corn sugar" highlights the increasing concern over obesity in the U.S.
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Consumers still influenced by recession at checkout

Spending at Best Buy and Cracker Barrel were down last quarter, showing that the recession continues to drag down the average consumer.
Posted In: Retail

How Obama will pay for jobs plan

President Obama continues to pitch his jobs plan to Americans and Congress today. The plan would cost $447 billion, but the president says the plan wouldn't raise the deficit by a dime.
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Australia begins plans to price carbon emissions

The Australian parliament introduced a plan to put a price tag on greenhouse gas emissions. Are other countries, especially the U.S., likely to follow suit?

Italy looks to China for debt solutions

Italy is just one of several European countries facing severe national debt issues. It is now peddling government bonds to China, but that might not be enough to ensure financial recovery.

Infrastructure projects in China spike, but not for long

Currently, China is far outpacing the U.S. in building projects like high-speed rail. But its success is largely due to a lack of regulation and public outcry, and that might not always be the case.
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Can Bank of America's CEO salvage the company?

Bank of America announced massive layoffs this week, but the nation's largest bank by assets can't be compared to Lehman Brothers just yet. Still, CEO Brian Moynihan faces tough challenges ahead.
Posted In: Banks

Microsoft to unveil new operating system

It's expected to be able to run across different platforms -- PC, tablet, smartphone -- which could make it very attractive to developers.

The Federal Aviation Administration keeps flying

Congress is about to provide stopgap funding for the FAA -- and fight about it again later. Meantime, the FAA subsidizes rural airlines to the tune of millions. But fewer people are using them.
Posted In: Airlines

NBA could miss pivotal moment with a lockout

It's getting close to the deadline for deciding whether this year's NBA season will be officially locked out. A missed season could break the current momentum for the sport's reputation in the world.
Posted In: Sports

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