Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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American investors are pouring money into European stocks as the Euro crisis seems to be subsiding. And now vital signs in China, like retail sales and factory output, are improving. And a look into how taxes play into Microsoft's purchase of Nokia.

PODCAST: The Dow does some reshuffling

The Dow swaps out some members. The AFL-CIO broadens it's membership. And Stephen Hawking--the brand.

Apple announces new hardware at Tuesday's live event

Reports say the company could unveil fingerprint technology.
Posted In: apple, live event, electronics, iPhone

Mortgage refinance slowdown leads to bank layoffs

Bank employees face layoffs as the latest refinancing era comes to an end.
Posted In: Mortgages, refinancing, bank layoffs

The Dow Jones Industrial Average gets some new members

The index of 30-hand-picked companies is bumping some out and adding others in.
Posted In: Dow Jones Industrial Average

New mockumentary addresses net neutrality

The video produced by net neutrality proponents comes while the FCC and Verizon duke it out in court over the same issue this week.
Posted In: net neutrality, Susan Crawford

The origins of Apple's design philosophy

A generation of designers were lured to Apple because of the way the company approached design. The company will hold a live product event Tuesday.
Posted In: apple, design, product annoucement

An alternative to the Internet?

Worried about NSA surveillance? One option is to operate on an entirely separate network.
Posted In: nsa, surveillance, Internet, privacy, internet security

Should taxpayers support medical schools abroad?

In a recent academic year, students at three Caribbean medical schools received $470 million in federally-backed student loans.
Posted In: medical schools, taxpayers, medical students, Caribbean

Detroit City employees brace as judge mulls pension cuts

Today, a US district court considers Detroit's request for bankruptcy protection.
Posted In: Detroit, bankruptcy, San Bernardino

The role taxes played in Microsoft's purchase of Nokia

Taxes may help explain Microsoft's recent purchase of much of Nokia.
Posted In: Taxes, Microsoft, nokia

How Stephen Hawking became a celebrity physicist

Stephen Hawking wrote the best-selling popular science book of all time, creating a brand for himself and physics.

Building a bigger AFL-CIO

The AFL-CIO votes on whether to broaden membership to include non-union workers and even other organizations.
Posted In: AFL-CIO, Labor Unions, non-union workers

Strong economic data from China

Vital economic signs in China are improving
Posted In: China, Retail, global economy

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