Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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Banks in Cyprus are on lockdown and many ATMs are out of cash. We give you a look at the Cyprus crisis from the inside. St. Louis residents tell us what it means to be wealthy. And want a side of security with your waffle? Below the streets of downtown Atlanta, a Waffle House restaurant adds a 20 percent surcharge for a security guard.

PODCAST: Home prices rise, safety net flies

Home prices rise, but can they boost the job market? Pro-gay marriage PAC's lure moderate Republicans. And one woman tells us what her safety net looks like.

Home prices are up, will the job market follow?

Home prices rise, but can they boost the job market?
Posted In: housing market, housing prices, Jobs

T-Mobile drops contract plans to compete with smaller carriers

T-mobile is ditching two-year contract plans and phone subsidies. Consumers will have to pay for the phone upfront or enter a payment plan.
Posted In: T-Mobile, Cellphones, mobile

A view from inside the crisis in Cyprus

Fears of capital flight keep banks closed in Cyprus until Thursday. How are local businesses and individuals reacting to the shutdown?
Posted In: cyprus, Europe debt crisis, bailout

Want a side of security with that waffle?

A Waffle House restaurant in a rough Atlanta neighborhood adds a surcharge for a security guard.
Posted In: Atlanta, Waffle House, Crime, restaurants

Show me your (real and metaphoric) safety net

One woman's definition of a safety net: Something that lets you take risks, from going to school to flying from a trapeze.
Posted In: food stamps, safety net

EverQuest turns 14: Secrets of the original online multiplayer game

Video game years are kind of like dog years, and that makes the game EverQuest, which turned 14-years-old this month, positively ancient.
Posted In: video game, Internet, Sony

Apple acquires WiFiSLAM to navigate the great indoors

Apple has just acquired an indoor mapping company. How will indoor mapping be used and should we be concerned about our privacy?
Posted In: maps, apple, Retail

St. Louis: You Know You're Wealthy When...

In this installment of Marketplace's "You Know You're Wealthy When" series, we traveled to Saint Louis to ask residents of the Midwestern city what being wealthy means to them.
Posted In: You know you're wealthy when

Pro-gay marriage PAC's lure moderate Republicans

However the Supreme Court decides two cases on same-sex marriage, some Republican PAC's are prepared to back candidates who support gay marriage.
Posted In: Supreme Court, gay marriage, gay rights

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