Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Venture capitalists expected to back more startups in 2011

Promising startups in technology and research and development are expected to get more support next year.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship

Automakers suing over new ethanol requirements

A new EPA rule from the fall allowed for more ethanol to be mixed in with gasoline, but now automakers are suing, stating that the new blends aren't safe for cars.
Posted In: Auto, Environment

How the new census numbers will affect state budgets

Marketplace's Eve Troeh looks at who the population gainers and losers are in this year's census and how that may impact how money is distributed across the U.S.

FCC to approve "net neutrality" rules

The Federal Communications Commission is expected to approve net neutrality rules. The rules are supposed to help ensure internet users get equal access to bandwidth whether they're visiting a major site or something more specialized.

Seasonal weather takes a toll on the UK

It's cold and snowy in many parts of Europe. And there are fears the icy weather could plunge the whole British economy into the deep freeze. Stephen Beard explains.

Online ad spending surpasses print ad spending

This year, for the first time, online advertisers spent more on online ads than print ads. Though analysts have been predicting this event, it's still a media milestone. Stacey Vanek Smith speaks to Andrew Frank about what this means for advertising.

First figures from the census speak to population and representation

The first figures from the census are out today. Eve Troeh looks at the census population numbers as economic indicators.

GE program helps firms figure out water risk

Jeff Fulgham from General Electric Water & Process Technologies talks with Steve Chiotakis about a new program from GE that will help companies assess their water risk, why a program like this hasn't been implemented before, and the economic impact it might have.

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