Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, September 22, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, September 22, 2011

Young adults hit hardest in recessionary job market

U.S. Census data out today says that the latest recession hurt jobs prospects the most for the youngest would-be entrants into the workforce.
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A free trade deal could also mean job training in the U.S.

The ongoing talks to reach a free trade deal with Korea, Panama and Colombia could soon be within reach; the decision could come hand-and-hand with a jobs training program here in the U.S.

'Operation Twist' missing the mark on intended effect

Just a few hours into its life, "Operation Twist" is holding little water in global markets. We talk to Diane Swonk about why it's having the opposite of intended effect.
Posted In: The Federal Reserve

Businesses fret over Palestinian U.N. vote

The Palestinian government is pushing for the United Nations to vote on allowing their country full entry into the organization. But if the vote passes, what does this mean for the local economies?

A surprise reaction to Federal Reserve monetary stimulus

The Federal Reserve announced its plan of attack yesterday to help stimulate the economy. So why are global markets reacting so negatively?

The Fed does the 'Twist' and no one decides to dance

The Federal Reserve announced yesterday that it will implement a plan to lower interest rates and make bond-buying less attractive.
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More Facebook changes include easier media sharing

At its annual developers conference today, Facebook is expected to announce greater integration of music and entertainment services.

Used car prices rise amid economic worries

Higher demand and tighter supply have raised used car prices, in some cases close to the cost of a new model.
Posted In: Auto

Health care workers keep strike short, for now

Thousands of nurses and other health care workers are staging a walkout today in protest over benefit cuts. Most will only picket for a day, hoping their message gets across.
Posted In: Health

The psychology behind market panics

In this time of economic uncertainty, we're more prone to market panics. But why do they exist and what are the causes?
Posted In: Wall Street

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