Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, October 30, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, October 30, 2008

Virgin considering a three-way deal

Virgin is considering possible three-way deal between itself, BMI and Luftansa. Virgin could get local flights in the U.K. and also form an alliance with Luftansa for international flights. Megan Williams reports.
Posted In: Airlines, Mergers and Acquisitions

Prime Minister Brown's fix for the world

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's rescue plan for U.K. banks made some think of him as a financial savior. Will it work in the long term? Stephen Beard reports for our "What's the Fix? series.

Insurance may be next for rescue

Earnings are down at insurance companies, and there's talk that there could be federal assistance on the way. But will it be a repeat of the $85 billion loan offered to life insurance company AIG? Jeremy Hobson reports.
Posted In: Health

Holiday scares up some good retail

Holiday shopping may look grim towards the end of the year, but Halloween-related spending is actually up. Julie Rose looks into how the holiday is allowing consumers to dress down their economic woes.
Posted In: Retail

Loan not good idea for U.S. car makers

There's talk of a loan to GM and Chrysler to assist with a merger. But economics correspondent Chris Farrell tells Scott Jagow U.S. auto makers should avoid a government loan and just declare bankruptcy.
Posted In: Auto, Mergers and Acquisitions

A new plan to avoid foreclosures

The federal government is working on a new plan to help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure. This would be paid for through the $700 billion rescue package finalized by Congress. Nancy Marshall Genzer has more.
Posted In: Housing

Do we still care about earnings reports?

In the midst of a financial snafu, you've got to wonder whether company earnings reports mean anything to the stock market. Jeremy Hobson reports investors are more interested when a plan of action is involved.

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