Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, March 3, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pirate attacks on the rise and expected to get worse

2011 could be a banner year for pirate attacks, and the violence could get worse, as well.
Posted In: Crime

HBO buys a comedy about the financial crisis

The creator of the hit series "Entourage" has sold HBO a comedy about an unemployed banker. Are we ready to laugh about the financial crisis?
Posted In: Entertainment

NFL union may punt to avoid a lockout

The football players' union may dissolve itself to put owners at risk of anti-trust suits.
Posted In: Sports

GOP wants to end home loan modification programs

The Obama Administration's Home Affordable Modification Program soon could be killed in the House.
Posted In: Housing

Food prices hit record highs

The United Nations is reporting a 2.2 percent increase in its Food Price Index for February. This is the highest level recorded since the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) began monitoring prices in 1990.
Posted In: Food

Diane Swonk: Worker productivity likely to remain high

A chief economist at Mesirow Financial says today's workers are extremely productive. But how long we can expect this level of worker productivity to continue?
Posted In: Jobs

SEC considers new alternative to credit ratings

The Securities and Exchange Commission may propose dropping credit rating agencies for a new method for evaluating their portfolios. Nancy Marshall Genzer explains.
Posted In: Housing

Dallas Fed President: high oil prices won't spur a double-dip recession

Richard Fisher, president of the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas, responds to concerns that higher gas and oil prices could lead to slower economic growth and a double-dip recession.
Posted In: The Federal Reserve

U.K., France to airlift stranded refugees from Libya

Thousands of fleeing Egyptian workers stranded in Tunisia on the Libyan border will be repatriated, in hopes of limiting the number of refugees flowing into Europe

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