Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, January 29, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, January 29, 2009

Can Ford go it alone?

Despite a $6 billion loss last quarter and no help from federal bailout money, Ford still believes it can weather the storm on its own. Steve Henn crunches the numbers and explores whether the company can make it.
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France stages massive labor protest

In France, labor is holding its biggest strike in years. Erik Campano reports why the French are protesting now, and why protest strategy is causing it to be so devastating to business.
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Seeking economic answers in Davos

The World Economic Forum continues in Davos, Switzerland, and many there are trying to figure out where to find growth in this economy. Steve Chiotakis talks to Diane Brady, senior editor at BusinessWeek magazine.

Shell reports substantial quarterly drop

Shell posted a huge drop in quarterly earnings, coming down from last year, where the company made the biggest corporate profit in European history. Stephen Beard reports the dwindling price of oil is bad news for the company.
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Senate focusing on tax cuts in stimulus

President Obama's economic stimulus plan makes its way to the Senate today, where tax cuts will be the focus. Some lawmakers have their eyes on the Alternative Minimum Tax. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Panel: Crisis could have been averted

A report coming out today from the congressional panel overseeing TARP says government regulators could have stopped the financial crisis if they'd had more power. Steve Henn reports the panel is calling for more bank regulation.

Upscale hotels are hiding their cuts

Revenue at luxury hotels is down as more travelers settle for cheaper accommodations. But hotel staff is going the distance to make sure their customers don't notice. Dan Grech reports.
Posted In: Travel

Learn to be the perfect lady spy

Ever wish you could be like the women in James Bond movies? Enroll in the Stiletto Spy School and you can learn it all -- from mixing the perfect martini to firing an uzi. Marketplace's Amy Scott took a crash course.

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