Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, February 12, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stimulus plans to create, save jobs

After negotiations yesterday on the stimulus bill, lawmakers plan to try and create or save up to 3.5 million jobs. Construction and government jobs will be the first on the list. Jeremy Hobson reports others may have to wait.
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Poll: Medicare should be for everyone

A new poll shows a majority of Americans believe Medicare should be expanded to include everyone. More than half of respondents are even willing to pay more taxes for the coverage. Danielle Karson reports.
Posted In: Health

Exploring cause of satellite collision

Commercial satellite companies are assessing the impact of a collision in space where a Russian craft destroyed an American communications satellite. Stephen Beard reports on the need to monitor space junk.
Posted In: Russia, Science

Lost for words? Try a web poet

After people kept asking Danielle McDonald to pen personalized poems, she thought she could make a little cash doing it. Spend a few bucks at and she'll craft a sonnet in your name. Sean Cole reports.
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Bankrupt stores can still sell their name

Several big retail chains have been going bust in this economy, with Circuit City and Mervyn's the latest to fall. But some companies are willing to spend some money on a still valuable brand name. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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New gold rush challenges old town

A rise in gold over the past several years is reviving interest in the Old West's historic gold fields. But one town in Colorado worries about the effects the rush will have on its tourism. Megan Verlee reports.
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FTC offering web marketing guidelines

The Federal Trade Commission is weighing in on the lack of regulation in online marketing amidst growing concern over what the industry does with personal information. But some are skeptical that self-regulation will work. Sam Eaton reports.
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Stimulus bill won't protect everyone

A provision was removed from the stimulus that would have protected federal employees from retaliation if they blew the whistle on fraud or abuse. Jeremy Hobson reports what the bill calls for now instead.

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