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A working man's poet

Apr 2, 2020
A 2009 conversation with Philip Levine about "What Work Is."
United States Poet Laureate Philip Levine wrote about working-class Detroit.
Courtesy Academy of American Poets

A poem of loss for the economy

May 11, 2009
We've been asking our listeners to send in their favorite poems about money and the economy. Elizabeth Dodge suggested Elizabeth Bishop's poem "One Art," a piece about loss that's helped her put the economic collapse in context.

Poetry in work

May 4, 2009
There's a lot of poetry in work -- people who do it, under do it, and can't afford not to do it. Poet David Tucker reads his poem "Downsizing," Pedro Pietri reads his poem "Telephone Booth Number 905 ½," and poet and columnist Katha Pollitt reads Sarah Cleghorn's "The Golf Links."

Poem: 'Smart' by Shel Silverstein

Apr 27, 2009
Many of you nominated "Smart" by Shel Silverstein, a poem about kids and money, to be read on air. Ms. Simms' 4th, 5th and 6th graders in Fullerton, Calif., read the poem.

Lost for words? Try a web poet

Feb 12, 2009
After people kept asking Danielle McDonald to pen personalized poems, she thought she could make a little cash doing it. Spend a few bucks at and she'll craft a sonnet in your name. Sean Cole reports.

Finding the poetry in finance

Dec 24, 2008
Katy Lederer found inspiration for the poems in her latest book from an unusual source -- finance. Tess Vigeland speaks with the former hedge fund recruiter about her poetry.