Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, December 9, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, December 9, 2010

Paying a bigger price for cheaper prescription drugs

Insurers are trying to keep medical costs down by pushing consumers to shift to cheaper prescriptions. But as David Lazarus tells Jeremy Hobson, this could put those with conditions that can't be treated with generic drugs in an expensive bind.
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Smokeless tobacco sales on the rise

Although cigarette sales have fallen 17 percent in the past five years, smokeless tobacco sales have risen at about 7 percent a year. Tobacco companies are hoping smokers who quit cigarettes will move on to smokeless tobacco products within the same brand.
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Ethanol tax credits are getting bipartisan disapproval

It looks like there's at least one issue in Washington that might be getting bipartisan support today: the expiration of ethanol tax credits. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Who's winning in the global race to economic recovery?

Jeremy Hobson speaks to Simon Johnson, the former Chief Economist at the IMF about the global race to economic recovery, and about the U.S.'s recent tax decisions.

Weekly unemployment drops by 17,000

The number of people filing for first time unemployment benefits fell last week, by 17,000. These numbers are the second lowest of the year. David Gura explains.
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India is above the world's bribing average

According to a new survey from the group Transparency International, a quarter of people around the world have paid a bribe in the last year. And one of the worst places is India.

British students could be paying more for universities

The British government is expected to vote on a controversial tuition hike for higher education -- students could expect to pay as much as $14,000 a year for public universities. Stephen Beard explains.
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U.S. government is one step closer to being free of AIG

It looks like the U.S. government may be a step closer to untangling itself from American International Group, or AIG. David Gura explains.

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