Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, April 11, 2013

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Biogen Idec, a Massachusetts-based biotech company, is hoping its new multiple sclerosis drug Tecfidera will eventually bring in the hundreds of millions of dollars it cost to develop -- at least before a generic comes along and copies it. CEO George Scangos discusses his company's development process and pricing strategy. A new report from the research firm IDC says personal computer sales are falling fast all around the world. And in Phoenix, Arizona, new signs of a real estate bubble are emerging.

PODCAST: Water war, Biotech industry core

Water wars heat up in New Mexico. CEO of Biogen Idec discusses high drug costs, a new drug for multiple sclerosis and what's up with pharmaceutical drug names. America's pastime is higher tech than you think

Baseball, with its passion for tradition, is higher tech than you think. CEO Bob Bowman discusses live streaming and baseball's mobile strategy.
Posted In: Sports, baseball, MLB, Tech, streaming

Gold prices sink as inflation stays at bay

Diane Swonk, chief economist with Mesirow Financial, joins Marketplace Morning Report host Jeremy Hobson to discuss the drop off in gold prices and whether there is such a thing as a safe haven anymore.
Posted In: gold, bitcoin, commodities, currency

Farmers vs. cities in the war for water

Water laws in the West often give priority to whose who used a water source first, often farmers. Farmers in New Mexico are fighting to regain their place at the head of the line.
Posted In: water, New Mexico, drought

Bidding wars, rising prices - but a housing bubble?

Phoenix, Arizona, was hit hard during the housing crash. Now the housing market is recovering quickly and home buyers are frustrated. But one expert says that doesn't make a housing bubble.
Posted In: housing market, housing crisis, real estate, arizona

Global PC sales plunge, what's Microsoft got to do with it?

Personal computer sales fell by 14 percent around the world during the first quarter of this year, according to a new report from the research firm IDC.
Posted In: PCs, mobile, windows 8, computer

Biogen Idec CEO on drug costs and taking on multiple sclerosis

Biogen Idec CEO George Scangos discusses his company's new multiple sclerosis drug, pricing strategy, and research process.
Posted In: pharmaceuticals, Health, research and development

Obama budgets money to tug asteroids into orbit

Where does tech fit into President Obama's new budget proposal? One answer is the $17.7 billion set aside for the U.S. space program.
Posted In: NASA, space, Obama, federal budget

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