Marketplace Morning report for September 25, 2008

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Marketplace Morning report for September 25, 2008

Congress close on bailout compromise

Democratic and Republican leaders, as well as both presidential candidates, are headed to the White House today to talk about the market bailout plan. Steve Henn has details of a possible compromise deal.
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We've treated symptoms, this is cancer

Host Scott Jagow asks Republican Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas if we really need this bailout plan to avoid economic catastrophe and gets his thoughts on what's most important in the market rescue.
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Germany blames U.S. for global crisis

The German government is putting full blame on the U.S. for the global credit crisis, and this morning, the German Finance Minister had scathing words for America's financial leadership. Stephen Beard reports.
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The 'free-market bailout'

Peter Coy, economics editor at BusinessWeek, calls the market rescue plan a "free-market bailout," which is, of course, a contradiction in terms. Host Stacey Vanek-Smith asks what he thinks of the situation.
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What Dems and GOP disagree on

The President had some dire warnings in a speech last night about the consequences of not reaching a deal to solve the financial crisis. Scott Jagow talks to Steve Henn about the sticking points for Congress.
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GM opens Volt engine plant in Michigan

Today GM executives will announce a new $359 million auto plant opening in distressed Flint, Mich. Workers there will build fuel-efficient engines for the Volt and Cruze models. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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Avalanche of crisis books is coming

Publishers are getting piles of pitches for books about the financial crisis -- one says the number of proposals for business books he receives has doubled. Rico Gagliano has more on the story.
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