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The board of directors at mining company Xstrata have backed a revised takeover bid from commodities trader Glencore International. As the Supreme Court starts its fall session, one case involving affirmative action has caught the attention of businesses. A Sundance documentary that argues America's profit-driven health care system isn't necessarily making people healthier has an unlikely backer. And what's the strategy behind the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve? Reporter Eve Troeh tells us. Plus, stories on Japan's gloomy manufacturers, Victoria's Secret at Cowboys stadium, cell phone location privacy, and Greece.

Cell phone location data raises protection/privacy issues

California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a bill over the weekend that would have made it harder for police use cell phones to track suspects' locations. Similar debates about protection versus privacy are happening around the country.
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PODCAST: Manufacturing highs and lows, cuteness helps concentration

Today the Greek government is expected to unveil its 2013 budget. Some argue it's time for Greece to leave the eurzone. Manufacturing in China and Japan looks gloomy, and things aren't much better in Europe. A European index showed manufacturing activity shrank for the 14th straight month. Plus, we look at the strategy behind the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve, the new store at Dallas Cowboys Stadium, and why looking at cute puppies and kitties at work could help you concentrate.

Despite bad manufacturing, job data -- stocks up in Europe

September manufacturing wilted in Europe -- and a new unemployment report by the EU shows lots of young people were out of work in August. But European stock markets had a strong day. What gives?
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Japanese manufacturers feeling gloomy

A new survey by Japan's central bank has found sagging confidence among manufacturers as the nation continues a territorial dispute with China.
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Who says Greece needs to stay in the eurozone?

As the Greek government prepares to unveil its 2013 budget, some argue it's time to let Greece go from the eurozone.
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Xstrata board backs revised Glencore offer

The board of the Swiss mining company Xstrata has approved a merger offer made by Glencore, a commodities trader.
Posted In: mergers, mining

U.S. petroleum reserve is a versatile weapon

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve was established to protect the economy from an embargo. But just the threat of releasing oil into the market can rein in speculation in oil futures, too.
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Former health care executive pushes critical film

A documentary critical of the health care industry has an unlikely benefactor -- a Tennessee entrepreneur who made his money as a health care executive.
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Victoria's Secret at the Dallas Cowboys stadium

Undies and pigskin: a match made on the gridiron?
Posted In: Retail, Sports, football, NFL, Victoria's Secret

How college affirmative action affects business

As the Supreme Court considers affirmative action, businesses are weighing in -- in favor. They say it creates a diverse, educated workforce.
Posted In: affirmative action, colleges, business

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