Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, November 22, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, November 22, 2010

Investigations look into hedge fund insider trading

U.S. Federal authorities are investigating a widespread case of insider trading. The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that the FBI is close to making formal charges against a large group of researchers. John Dimsdale reports.

Irish bailout: "The earlier, the bigger, the better"

Jeremy Hobson speaks to Guy Lebas with Janney Montgomery Scott about Ireland and the agreement to a bailout.

Irish citizens are worried the bailout will divide the country

After yesterday's bailout announcement, the focus is turning to Irish citizens, and how they feel about the bailout. Louise Williams has more.

Father Iggy O'Donovan on the mood of Ireland after the bailout announcement

Jeremy Hobson speaks to Father Iggy O'Donovan, the parish priest in the Irish town of Drogheda just north of Dublin, about the moral of the Irish people after yesterday's bailout announcement.

A new Chinese program will allow users to keep lucky cell phone numbers

In China, where many people pay a premium for an auspicious number combination, changing your number can bring bad luck. China's government announced a solution: a pilot project that will allow Chinese to keep their phone numbers even if they change carriers. Rob Schmitz reports.

London residents face deep budget cuts that could affect housing

Over in London, the new era of austerity is already taking hold. The British government is making deep cuts to the budget, including a big reduction to what the country forks out on social housing. Christopher Werth has more.
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An Irish bailout might not be the final answer

Irish banks lost billions of dollars in the real estate bust and global crisis. The country is awash in debt and the Irish government now says it needs help to keep its financial system solvent. Stephen Beard explains.

Ireland agrees to a bailout

The Irish government has formally requested help from its European partners. This was quite a turnaround, since the country had been denying a bailout package. Stephen Beard explains.

Detroit deals with a growth in illegal gas and electrical hookups

A lousy economy and a glut of vacant homes are creating headaches for the utility company that serves Detroit, Michigan. Sarah Hulett has this report.
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Are salad bars the best option for schools?

Michelle Obama will announce a program to put 5,000 salad bars in schools around the country, but is that really the best use of limited resources? Eve Troeh reports.
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