Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, November 21, 2011

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The super committee's deadline to deal with the budget crisis in Washington is fast approaching, but still no solution has been reached. Hewlett-Packard announces activist Ralph Whitworth will join its board. And chicken producers have been feeling the hurt in tough economic times.

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Was the super committee doomed from the start?

Fortune magazine's Allan Sloan says there's a reason why the super committee has yet to make a decision on the deficit-cutting deal: There aren't, and never were, any ramifications for failure.
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HP gets activist on board

HP has announced activist shareholder Ralph Whitworth is taking a seat on its board. It’s proof that CEO Meg Whitman wasn’t kidding when she said she would make big changes at the tech firm.
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Can you trust the 'primary dealers?'

Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, Countrywide and, most recently, MF Global, were all considered "primary dealers" by the Federal Reserve -- and they also all failed. So why were they considered so important, and how did they all get in trouble?
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Poultry producers hit by rising corn prices

Industry giant Tyson is expected to report losses today, and a number of other chicken producers are feeling the economic hurt, in large part because of rising feed costs.
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Super committee could push decision past next election

The super committee has until Wednesday to reach a debt deal, but it is looking increasingly likely that real decisions won't get made until after the elections of 2012.
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Results of Spanish election could help country's economic state

A new party will now take power in Spain, and citizens of that country hope this will solve their economic problems.
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What Europe thinks of the super committee's inaction

It was just last week that President Obama criticized the Europeans for not solving their debt issues. But it looks like we aren't faring much better here in the U.S.
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Super committee is latest in a long line of debt solution attempts

As it looks more and more likely that the super committee will fail to reach a deal, a look back at previous attempts to solve the debt crisis.
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Julia Coronado: We don't know how long we can go without debt solution

As of now, the markets are still going on despite the likely lack of a deal in the super committee this week. But much of that depends on the situation in Europe, which could turn around.
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Super committee likely to be at an impasse

The super committee is bumping up its deadline to reach a budget solution, and so far, no end is in sight.
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PODCAST: Super committee nears the end

Talks are winding down at the Congressional super committee, and so far, no deal has been made. Spain has a new government after elections were held over the weekend. Hewlett-Packard reports earnings today, the first time since Meg Whitman took the reins. And Tyson foods, the big meat producer, reported even bigger quarterly losses.
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Rep. Xavier Becerra on the super committee

The super committee deadline is approaching, and it looks like no deal will be reached. We speak to super committee member Congressman Xavier Becerra about how things got so bad.
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