Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, November 15, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, November 15, 2010

"The coming wave" of Chinese takeovers: the big picture

This week is expected to be the biggest week of initial public offerings in a couple of years. Patrick Foulis wrote "The coming wave" of Chinese takeovers, the latest cover story of the Economist, and he discusses the greater meaning with Jeremy Hobson.

Retail numbers are up, just in time for the holidays

As we head into the holiday season, retailers had some good news today -- October sales are up 1.2 percent, beating expectations. Jaclyn Giovis explains.
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Sales are up 1.2 percent, partly due to inflation

Retail sales are up 1.2 percent, but Julia Coronado cautions against too much optimism from these numbers.

Chinese media reports SAIC Motor has agreed to invest in GM

General Motors will reportedly go through with its initial public offering on Thursday. In China, state media reports the car maker SAIC Motor -- a Chinese company -- has agreed to buy a big stake in the American automaker.

AOL announces email over-haul, Facebook announcement expected

AOL has announced Project Phoenix, the long-awaited overhaul of its email. And later this morning, Facebook is expected to announce an email service. Stacey Vanek Smith has more.

Ireland says it does not need a bailout

Ireland is rejecting its comparison to Greece, saying it is working with European leaders to help stabilize the economy, and insisting that it can pay its bills for the foreseeable future.

Greenland prepares for foreign drilling

New technology and climate change have made it easier to drill for oil deep off the icy coast of Greenland. The country is planning to award permits to oil companies soon. Eve Troeh reports.
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The Fed struggles to reclaim its global clout

The Federal Reserve has begun pumping money into the U.S. economy. But other countries claim the U.S. is adding to turmoil to the global currency markets. Allan Sloan explains.

Entrepreneurship is changing the future of global business

As the U.S. faces ever-greater competition from abroad, the need for global entrepreneurship has never been greater. Mitchell Hartman explains.
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Stealth tax cuts did not encourage spending

Ninety five percent of us just had less tax taken out of our paychecks -- about $65 dollars a month for families. But we didn't know it happened. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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Bailout discussions continue over Ireland

Ireland says the government actually doesn't need to borrow any more until well into next year. After working hard for their independence, the country isn't quick to give it up. Stephen Beard explains.

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