Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, May 6, 2013

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India's high court gives the go-ahead for what will be that country's biggest nuclear power plant. Budweiser releases a new bow-tie shaped can. And, remember the flash crash -- that day in May when one enormous futures trade triggered a terrifying stock market sell-off, sending the Dow down about five percent in minutes? Automated trading got a lot of the blame. Exactly two years later,  is the stock market safer today?

The first 3D printed gun goes bang

The world's first gun made almost entirely on a 3D printer has been fired in the United States. Cody Wilson, a Texas law student, has been working on the project for over a year.
Posted In: 3D printing, guns, gun control

Jobs are one thing, but what about credit?

One way to evaluate the health of an economy is to look at the jobs picture, which looks pretty rosy so far this spring. But there’s another sign to keep any eye on: the availability of credit.
Posted In: Jobs, credit, loans

PODCAST: YouTubing for dollars? College prep for the summer

Could YouTube start charging? Summer vacation turns to college prep. And the least flexible part of the Workplace Flexibility Act.

Court approves controversial nuclear power plant in India

Though a judge in the case assured the public the new plant will be safe and is "necessary for the welfare and economic growth of India", nuclear power remains controversial in the country.
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The Root launches black Twitter aggregator 'The Chatterati'

Online magazine The Root has just launched 'The Chatterati', a new webpage that watches Twitter users, phrases and hashtags trending in the black community.
Posted In: Twitter, African-American, Internet, media

The least flexible part of the Workplace Flexibility Act (for workers)

Critics say the Workplace Flexibility Act of 2013 isn’t about increased flexibility for workers, but about flexibility for employers.
Posted In: Workplace Flexibility Act, workplace

3D printers: Now available with a click of the 'Easy Button'

Has 3D printing finally gone mainstream? Staples says it will start carrying the Cube 3D printer made by 3D Systems.
Posted In: 3D printing, staples

You may soon have to pay for YouTube

YouTube will reportedly start charging around $1.99 a month for certain channels -- not for the cats on skateboards, but high quality produced content.
Posted In: YouTube, online video, digital subscription

Could another flash crash strike the stock market?

On the two-year anniversary of the 'flash crash,' market watchers wonder if automated trading could lead to another meltdown.
Posted In: flash crash, automated trading

Summer becomes the season for college prep

As getting into college becomes ever more competitive, more students are spending the summers creating fodder for college applications.
Posted In: higher education, summer, summer vacation

Budweiser ties one on to boost sales

Bud releases a new can today shaped like a bow-tie and tests the theory that packaging alone can pay off.
Posted In: beverages, beer, Budweiser, packaging

Who do you trust more with your free speech: The government or tech companies?

A secret meeting, a handful of tech CEO's, and the future of your freedom of speech online.
Posted In: free speech, Tech, Google, Facebook, censorship

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