Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, June 23, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, June 23, 2008

Warning: You are watching a lot of ads

The FCC is looking closer at TV advertising and will consider whether more disclosure is necessary. Steve Henn repors on how many ads U.S. TV viewers are being subjected to, and how the FCC could help get a clear message across.

Oil still rising after Saudi summit

Saudi Arabia vowed to produce more oil and keep prices down at the emergency summit in Jeddah. But the cost per barrel continues to rise. Stephen Beard has more on what other factors could be causing the price hike.

Federal funds to fight foreclosure

U.S. mayors are working to resolve the housing crisis by using federal money. Rampant foreclosures are especially hurting cities by choking off property tax revenues that fund city services. Jill Barshay reports.
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Enough success to fill an arena

Britain's Millenium Dome had a hard time living up to high expectations, until an American company came in and reinvented the arena. Stephen Beard has more on the continued success of the 02 in London.
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CEOs still making huge pay

Despite shareholders advocating for lower CEO pay, a study out says compensation for chief executives is up from 2006. Scott Jagow asks Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan why there isn't more pressure on executive paychecks.

Groups say U.S. needs faster Internet

Consumer groups are saying the U.S. lags behind other nations in terms of broadband service. The FCC will look into the U.S. Internet connection, but Janet Babin reports we need to redefine what exactly "broadband" is.

Congress tries beefing up domestic oil

A congressional bill on the table encourages more domestic oil production and discourages speculation. But some Democrats say we should do more to explore our existing drilling leases. John Dimsdale has more.

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