Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, July 28, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, July 28, 2008

A search engine that redefines 'cuil'

As of today, Google has a new rival. But even with a broader search index, can Cuil (pronounced "cool") take on the Web's Goliath? Janet Babin tests the engine and gauges the results.
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Getting wind power out of West Texas

Giant wind turbines are not uncommon in the wide open West Texas plains. But there's a big problem getting that electricity out to the big cities like Dallas and Houston. David Martin Davies has the story.

A shortage of funds for bridge repair

The Highway Trust Fund could be in for a $5 billion shortfall at a time when a quarter of U.S. bridges are in dire need of repair. Sea Stachura reports Congress might chip in $1 billion, but it may not be enough.

Ryanair hit hard by fuel costs

Low-cost airline Ryanair says it could make an annual loss this year. But as one of the world's top budget airlines, it's been harder hit than most. Stephen Beard reports why fuel has a big impact on its bottom line.
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Where big oil profits are going

Oil companies will still be turning in record profits for the second quarter, despite the significant drop in the price of oil. Amy Scott reports analysts are looking into how the companies will use that money.
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Where's help for the mortgage market?

Congress has approved a bill to help people facing foreclosure, but the bill won't do anything about mortgage rates. Scott Jagow talks to Fortune's Allan Sloan about why Fed help isn't spilling into the mortgage market.

Does a 'staycation' let you get away?

In these times when the cost of a vacation may be too high for your comfort level, why not check out your own city? Ashley Milne-Tyte explores whether or not a "staycation" is possible if you live in New York City.

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