Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, April 22, 2013

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Is the once fast-growing, profitable reality TV machine sputtering? German airline Lufthansa has canceled most of its flights today due to an employee strike. And the word 'entitlement' is all over Washington these days, but what does it mean?

U.S. economy to 'grow' 3% under new GDP calculation

The U.S. economy will grow by 3 percent this summer, due to a change in the data used to calculate GDP.
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PODCAST: Caterpillar shrinks, GDP grows

Caterpillar shrinks, GDP grows, and Made in Italy -- but by China.

Caterpillar profits fall 45%, cuts forecast

Caterpillar reported disappointing earnings this morning. The heavy-equipment maker announced its profits are down 45 percent and also cut its forecast for the rest of the year.
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What we mean by 'entitlement'? Well, that depends...

'Entitlement' has almost contradictory meanings in casual conversation - and also, depending on your views, in political discourse about the social safety net
Posted In: entitlements, safety net, federal budget

Chinese refashion Italy's textile industry

Chinese manufacturers have moved to Italy and set up garment factories. They excel at making garments fast and cheaply, but some Italian manufacturers are unhappy with their presence.
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Lufthansa strike grounds hundreds of flights

Ground staff at Lufthansa, Germany's biggest airline, walked off the job Monday on a one-day strike that prompted the company to cancel most of the day's scheduled flights.
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Looking for an investment vehicle? Try a classic sports car

Jamie Kitman, New York editor for Automobile Magazine, checks in from his cross country road trip to discuss the market for classic sports cars.
Posted In: cars, auto industry, Alabama

A new supermaterial called nanocellulose

Researchers at the University of Texas are working on a way to produce mass quantities of nanocellulose -- a non-toxic construction and engineering material that's strong, saves trees, and could help reduce greenhouse gases.
Posted In: Science, biotech

Travelers may run into delays due to FAA furloughs

Some groups have filed suit to stop the furloughs of air traffic controllers. The FAA must cut hundreds of millions under federal budget sequestration.
Posted In: sequester, FAA, air traffic controllers, furloughs

Is reality TV running out of steam?

Today Dutch group Mars One is set to announce details about its plan to fund a human colony on Mars -- by turning the process into a reality TV show. Is the once fast-growing, profitable reality TV machine -- here on Earth -- sputtering?
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