Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, November 11, 2011

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President Obama heads to Hawaii today for the APEC summit of 21 economies along the Pacific Rim. And Japan this morning said it would participate in talks to build a free trade zone among those nations. Nine countries are on board so far, including the United States. The Italian Senate has just passed the economic reform bill that Europe is demanding. Once it passes the lower house of parliament, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi says he’ll quit. An erroneous downgrade of French sovereign credit rating by Standard & Poor’s rating agency on Thursday was a very serious incident and will have to be investigated, the European Commission said on Friday.

Big fights could help the ailing Las Vegas economy

A big fight is schedule this weekend in Las Vegas, between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. What kind of impact do these fights have on the local economy in Vegas?
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Chris Low: Free trade deal with Asian economies is a great idea

President Obama is in Hawaii today for an APEC meeting. We speak to Chris Low, from FTN Financial, about the possible good that could come out of this weekend.
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French government to investigate false downgrade notice

Weeks ago, Moody's put France under observation regarding its credit rating. Now, a false announcement of a downgrade is giving the French government reason to investigate such agencies.

How firm is the super committee's debt deadline?

Europe isn't the only one with debt concerns -- the U.S. has a deadline in two weeks to figure out a way to cut down our own deficit. But that deadline might not be too firm.
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Where Italy's debt problems came from

The financial problems in Italy stem from years of mismanagement and even corruption.

The consumption of the developed world versus the emerging world

The Globalist's Stephan Richter administers his latest quiz on consumption, and where emerging countries are overtaking the developed world.

Proposing a 21-nation free trade zone

This weekend, President Obama hosts the 21-nation Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Honolulu. At the top of the agenda is a proposal for a Pacific free trade zone. How would it work?

The future of USPS, delivered by UPS

The CEO of UPS, Scott Davis, talks about the troubles of the U.S. Postal Service, and how it and the rest of economy is affecting the shipping business.
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Tax incentives for vet job growth

Next week, the House will take up a bill that would offer incentives for employers who hire out-of-work veterans.
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Juli Niemann: It should be a decent Christmas spending season

Consumer sentiment reports are out today, and Juli Niemann of Smith, Moore and Company, thinks that even though the markets are still down, Americans are willing to spend -- especially during the holidays.

Mid-day Extra: Happy 11/11/11!

Everyone from McDonald's to Chinese brides are celebrating the 11/11/11 holiday today. Why is it so valuable for companies?

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