Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, March 28, 2014

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The César Chávez  film opening on Friday is partnering with the makers of a new smartphone app that allows Spanish-speaking movie-goers to watch the English-language movie while listening to it in Spanish. For $2, consumers download Spanish-language audio track app that will play in synch with the on-screen film. Plus, Payscale’s new study has a pretty interesting and complex calculation of the return on investment for graduates — but is it the right way to measure the value of a degree? Many liberal arts schools argue that they’re penalized in studies like this because their graduates often work in the nonprofit sector or other lower paying lines of work—on purpose. Julie Beck of the Atlantic about the mechanics of office design, and how various studies have shown how overhead lighting can affect your aggression, office doors can impact your sense of control, and too much caffeine can be harmful to the introvert.

PODCAST: Bridging the movie language barrier

Obamacare reaches another milestone with 6 million enrollees. And you're not crazy, your office really is giving you headaches.
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What's the ROI for a college degree?

Many liberal arts schools say they're penalized by rankings on graduates' earnings
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Bridging the language barrier at movies

myLINGO allows moviegoers to download film soundtracks in another language
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Analyzing the health of the office

By 2000, about two-thirds of U.S. workers spent their days in open-plan offices
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The D.I.Y. career

Freelance workers piece together a living in the temp economy.
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