Marketplace Morning Report for August 18, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for August 18, 2011

Market volatility continues, but for how much longer?

How long will the market volatility continue? It may not be a textbook recession, but we may have a few more months of disappointing numbers.
Posted In: Economy

Markets plummet on renewed fears of European debt, return to recession

Everything from disappointing weekly jobless claims to lack of faith in European banks weighs down markets today.

U.S. markets back in the danger zone

Markets opened this morning on shaky ground amidst fears of the ongoing debt problems in Europe. Diane Swonk tells us why the "fear factor" is back.

Australian beer brewer Fosters rejects takeover offer

The beer brewer turns down another offer from the maker of Coors and Miller Light, claiming the price was too low.
Posted In: Mergers and Acquisitions

Get ready for more debit card fees

Wells Fargo is rolling out a trial monthly fee for debit card purchases. The pilot program comes in response to legislation which limited the amount banks could charge merchants per transaction.
Posted In: Credit Cards

Unemployment: Will it spiral out of control?

Unemployment claims rose slightly last week. We ask to economist Michelle Meyer whether the situation will get worse, and if we are heading for stagflation.
Posted In: Jobs

The pope's economic philosophy

Pope Benedict XVI visits Spain today, touting an economic policy that focuses on people, not profits. The message could hit home for thousands of unemployed youths in Spain and beyond.

Swiss franc could be opening salvo in new currency war

The Swiss franc is now worth so much that it threatens Swiss jobs. The Swiss government wants to do something about it, but Switzerland isn't the only country looking at using its currency as a weapon.

N.Y. Fed keeps watchful eye on European banks

The New York Federal Reserve is seeking to ensure that the U.S. arms of European banks are holding enough money in their coffers, in order to be prepared for a future crisis.
Posted In: Banks

Fed investigates health of European banks

Regulators at the Federal Reserve are pushing to make sure the U.S. arms of European banks are keeping enough money in their vaults in case of a new crisis.
Posted In: The Federal Reserve

NASA to report on impact of sun flares

Solar flares are unpredictable, but expected to increase in frequency over the next five years. If the explosions get close enough, they can disrupt the power grid here on earth
Posted In: Science

Will companies pass on price hikes to consumers?

Yesterday's producer price index report showed wholesale prices are rising. Retailers, though, have to be careful about trying to pass those higher costs on
Posted In: Retail

Where the housing market is and isn't growing, and why

Home prices are still falling in most regions of the country. Some markets, though, are weathering the downturn better than others. What can we learn from these outliers?
Posted In: Housing

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