Marketplace AM for October 11, 2007

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Hedge funds exercise self-policing

A group of Europe's biggest hedge funds have devised a voluntary code of conduct in response to calls for more transparency. Kyle James reports the pre-emptive move will still put the funds under pressure.

Finally pushed her over the borderline

Another sign of the apocalypse for the music business: Madonna is leaving her longtime record company, Warner Brothers Records, for a concert promoter. Alisa Roth explains why there's no greater power than the power of goodbye.
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Airlines in a jam over sky traffic

The FAA wants airlines to cut down on congestion in the skies by cutting back flights. But Jeremy Hobson reports that airlines don't want to cut back for fear of giving competitors an edge.
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Chrysler deal reminiscent of GM

Yesterday's auto-workers strike against Chrysler lasted six hours. Doug Krizner talks about it with auto industry reporter Katie Merx, who says their deal sounds a lot like the one with GM.
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BP cracks down on problems

Oil giant BP is trying to fix a bad run of accidents by working on its management structure. Sam Eaton reports the company's biggest problem boils down to inefficiency.
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War at cost of aid in Africa

A report out today says conflicts in Africa have cost the continent $284 billion since 1990. That's about equal to what's being funneled there in international aid. Gretchen Wilson has more.

Coal debates light up town meetings

Some small-town meetings have been drawing big crowds lately, thanks to plans for new coal-fired plants in several states. Sarah Gardner reports that both sides of the debate -- those for and against the plans -- have been showing up to sound off.

R.I.P. for AMT

Republicans and Democrats agree -- the Alternative Minimum Tax must go. But while Republicans have unveiled a plan to eliminate it, Democrats say it should just be replaced. Steve Tripoli reports.
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