Marketplace AM for May 3, 2007

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Wall Street wakes up to the wage gap

A major investment bank has released a study on the widening gap between rich and poor in the U.S. It suggests the growing recession that's mired lower-income groups now threatens the middle class, says Chris Farrell.

Open source body parts

Prosthetics isn't a big enough market to spur innovation for profit, so one amputee Iraq veteran is adapting the open source concept by reverse-engineering expired patents and posting them online. Hillary Wicai reports.
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Iraq funding bill, plan B

Tensions in Washington remain high as Democratic leaders return to the drawing board to come up with a veto-proof appropriations bill that will move toward bringing U.S. troops home. Steve Henn reports.
Posted In: Washington

Dow rocks the record books

The Dow is on a record-breaking winning streak not matched in over 50 years. And according to some analysts, the market is still pretty well-priced — so it could very well keep on rising.
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Insurance forecast changes with climate

The insurance industry warns Congress today that climate change could cause eye-popping losses as warming leads to unusual weather patterns that make it impossible to project future damage payouts. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

A downer for drug makers

Pharmaceutical firms lose billions to companies that make generic versions of their drugs once patents expire. But the big problem is that they're running out of new meds to replace top sellers as that happens, Janet Babin reports.
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E.U. pushing bullies out of the workplace

Leading unions and employers across Europe have agreed to crackdown on harassment and bullying in the workplace. And the move should help the bottom line as well as morale, Stephen Beard reports.
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Two in a row for GM

General Motors has made money for the second straight quarter, though the $62 million profit reported today is down sharply from last year's thanks to fallout from the subprime housing market. Ashley Milne-Tyte explains.
Posted In: Auto, Wall Street

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