Marketplace AM for August 4, 2006

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Cuban property disputes ahead

Fidel Castro's health remains uncertain, but US businesses and Cuban exiles are already talking about who will get property appropriated by the Cuban government. It could complicate post-Castro entrepreneurial efforts. Dan Grech explains.
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Casino school dropout

Cash Peters goes to casino school for a day to find out first-hand the allure of dealing cards.

You've got pink slips

Jeff Tyler looks at the likely fallout of AOL's announcement yesterday that it's going to cut more than a quarter of its workforce.
Posted In: Science

Port security measures face delay

Efforts to safeguard US ports against terrorism have hit a roadblock. Tests of the experimental screening procedures stop workers who pose no threat, which could have a big cost for port businesses. Hillary Wicai reports.

Mexican protests proving pricey

Protesters challenging Mexico's presidential election are taking a toll on the economy there — as much as $9 million a day. Franc Contreras reports from Mexico City.
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Fighting climate change

One of Britain's top scientists wants governments around the world to fund a major drive to develop new energy sources. He says urgent international action is needed to fight climate change. Stephen Beard reports.
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FCC calls back Time Warner punt

With the NFL season just around the corner, Time Warner Cable and the NFL Network are wrapped up in an off-the-field skirmish that could upset diehard football fans. Rachel Dornhelm reports.
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Job Files: Hair stylist

It's time for a haircut. This week's installment of the Job Files visits a salon owner.

Toyota eyes No. 1

Toyota said today its profits were up 39 percent last quarter. Once again, the big reason: More Americans bought Toyotas. Jocelyn Ford reports.
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