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Paying with cash may be passé, but swiping that credit card is getting to be old school too. And, tipping a little extra during the holidays is an American tradition but is that tip from guilt or gratitude? Plus, how do you keep a natural disaster from becoming a financial one?

Starting over every day: Life as a substitute teacher

There are 7.3 million teachers in America -- among them are countless substitute teachers who haven't always been portrayed in the best light, but what subs do in their day-to-day work life is a lot more than most of us realize.
Posted In: teachers, Newtown

Put your money where your mobile is

What would it take for us to become a completely cashless society? Marketplace's Queena Kim takes us on a test drive of the Google Wallet app and talks about the efficacy of technology that's designed to make paper money a thing of the past.
Posted In: Google, smartphone, app, shopping

Listener Letters: What should I do with a stock that's worth nothing?

How do you get rid of a worthless stock? Is life insurance for seniors a good investment option? What ever happened to the paper U.S. Savings Bonds? CBS Money Watch editor-at-large Jill Schlesinger answers listeners' personal finance questions.
Posted In: stocks, life insurance, Investing

Life after losing everything

In June 2012, Marketplace Money shared the story of the Gulis, a couple whose home and business were destroyed in the Colorado wildfires. We check in on them six months later and find out how they're rebuilding their lives after losing nearly everything.
Posted In: colorado, natural disasters, Hurricane Sandy

The truth about tipping

In the U.S., tipping is multi-billion dollar industry. But has gratuity simply become an expectation rather than a reflection of good customer service?
Posted In: tipping, tips

Scrooge: Generous to a fault?

Ebeneezer Scrooge seems the epitome of a bad boss. He keeps the thermostat low, you have to beg for a day off and forget about a holiday office party. But is Scrooge's bad reputation undeserved?
Posted In: Christmas, literature

Why I don't buy presents for kids

Commentator Logan Sachon loves her 2-year-old nephew dearly. She shows it by never, ever buying him presents.
Posted In: gift giving, gifts, presents

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