Marketplace Money for Friday, August 26, 2011

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Marketplace Money for Friday, August 26, 2011

How's your personal economy doing?

The economy may be uncertain, but you can make sure that you and your money aren't. Commentator J.D. Roth talks about how he's keeping his peace of mind during the recession.

Prepare Yourself!

Many people are going to watching and preparing for Hurricane Irene as she hits this weekend, but even for those who are not in immediate danger -...
Posted In: budget, emergency, Personal Finance, planning

How to downsize successfully

Ready to reduce your budget? A behavioral scientist gives tips on how to set up a reasonable budget that you can stick to without completely depriving yourself.

Piggy Bank Award: For the young entrepreneurs

We award piggy banks to two young ladies who started their own small business and remain positive even during the recession.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship

Downsizing -- and enjoying it

Many Americans are taking money matters into their own hands. We talk to a few of them about how they've downsized their lifestyles -- and why they feel liberated, not pinched.

Personal finance 101 for freshmen

You scrimped and saved to get junior into college, but now you have to teach your college-bound kid how to spend money properly.

The recession hits your local lemonade stand

Small businesses bore a lot of the consequences of the recession. Two pre-teen entrepreneurs talk about how their summer business took a hit during the recession.
Posted In: Small Business

Ireland's crash course in finance and economics

Over the last few years, the Irish economy has mirrored the crises of the U.S. economy. Like Americans, Irish citizens are learning facts about money the hard way.

Getting Personal: Savings goals, private education loans

Tess Vigeland and Kathy Kristof of CBS MoneyWatch answer your questions this week.
Posted In: Personal Finance

'Nickel and Dimed,' 10 years later

Barbara Ehrenreich, author of the book "Nickel and Dimed," talks about how the economy and attitudes about the poor have changed since her seminal work was published 10 years ago.

What's in your wallet, Erica Yurio?

This New Yorker keeps a receipt of items she bought for a special-themed party she hosted... in her wallet.

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