Matt Berger was the former Digital Director at Marketplace and has worked as a journalist and digital producer for over a decade in the areas of business, technology and arts and lifestyle.

Berger started his journalism career as a daily newspaper reporter in the San Francisco Bay Area. At the height of the tech boom in 2000, he got a job in downtown San Francisco covering high tech and venture capital for the Silicon Valley magazine Upside and its website. When Upside went downside in the 2001 dot-com bubble, Berger moved a few blocks down Market Street as a technology reporter and correspondent for a global news wire service operated by magazine and Internet publisher IDG.

Prior to joining Marketplace in 2010, Berger was the Executive Producer for Interactive at The Taunton Press, a publisher of lifestyle magazines, books, and digital products.


Features by Matt Berger

What if car makers released 'beta' versions?

Companies who produce technology, from Apple to Google to Marketplace, rely on the "beta" release to get new products to market before they're bug free. But are we too liberal with the term?
Posted In: software, beta, testing

Forget 'Black Friday,' update your parents' browser instead

There's a new holiday tradition you should celebrate this November 25, web developer everywhere will give you thanks for it
Posted In: browser, internet explorer, firefox

A fellow disruptor, with research

Turns out most people know technology will disrupt their work and business, but few are ready to adapt
Posted In: digital, study

When the crowd disrupts the newsroom

Citizen journalists and their "community generated content" are hitting traditional newsrooms where it hurts, the payroll. CNN journalists become the latest victims of digital disruption.
Posted In: cnn, user-generated content, layoffs

Economists say consumers will start spending

The Marketplace Daily Pulse is up today. The U.S. consumer - that beaten-down, bedraggled, hopeless character - seems to be getting a shot of opt...
Posted In: consumers, Marketplace Daily Pulse, Retail

Working moms don't always have it easy

Checking the Marketplace's Daily Pulse, our offbeat take on the health of the U.S. economy. There's word today that just over half of working mo...
Posted In: Jobs, Marketplace Daily Pulse, maternity leave, working moms

Stephen King keeps the heat on for Maine residents

The Marketplace Daily Pulse is down today on news that times are so tough for some residents in Maine that local hero - novelist Stephen King - ...
Posted In: energy bills, Heat, Marketplace Daily Pulse, steven king

U.S. receives less 'stuff' from Asia

The Marketplace Daily Pulse is down today on news that the number of metal containers coming off boats has dropped on the biggest shipping route ...
Posted In: import export, Marketplace Daily Pulse, shipping

Drupal meet world

Take an introductory tour of the new in a short screen-capture video and learn about its features and benefits
Posted In: Drupal, content management system, website

Old get richer, young get poorer

The Marketplace Daily Pulse is down today, minus 68 percent, in fact. That's how far wealth has dropped for younger U.S. households in the past ...
Posted In: census 2010, income, Marketplace Daily Pulse


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