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Lizzie O'Leary is the new host of Marketplace Weekend.  When not hosting, O'Leary reports on issues around the intersection of politics, policy and Wall Street.

O’Leary previously worked as CNN's Aviation & Regulation correspondent, where she covered U.S. transportation and the federal regulatory agencies in Washington.

Prior to joining CNN, O’Leary was a Washington-based correspondent for Bloomberg TV, covering politics and economic policy. In that role, she led coverage of the Gulf Coast oil disaster and reported on the global credit crisis, the housing market and the government’s financial rescue package.

In 2010, she interviewed U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner during a trip to Mumbai, India. She was also first to break the news that major American automaker Chrysler would file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Previously, O’Leary was producer and reporter for NPR. She got her start in journalism at ABC News, where she was a member of the Peabody Award-winning team that covered the terror attacks of September 11th.

O’Leary earned her master’s degree with honors from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism and graduated cum laude with her bachelor’s degree from Williams College.


Features by Lizzie O'Leary

What do sanctions do, anyway?

The U.S. and E.U. placed more sanctions on Russia for its actions in Ukraine.
Posted In: ukraine, sanctions, Russia, News

Weekend Brunch: Snapchat, Martha Stewart's drones, and Tinder

Kevin Roose of NY Mag and Shannon Bond from FT look back on the week's news.
Dow Jones plunges

Argentina defaults

Talks broke down between Argentina and some of its bondholders, triggering default. Tim Fernholz, reporter for Quartz, explains.
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Answering your economics questions with Jim Tankersley

In which we talk job growth, student loans, and horse-sized ducks.
Puerto Rico

How will Puerto Rico's poor economy affect you?

The island’s economy is floundering and debt is mounting. How does that affect your wallet?
Posted In: Puerto Rico, debt

Weekend Brunch: Health care, global income inequality, and how to dress well

Linnette Lopez of Business Insider and Ben Walsh of Reuters discuss the news.
Posted In: Opinion

A look at the Export-Import bank

The Export-Import Bank of the United States might lose it's funding. But does it matter?
Posted In: export-import bank, News

Tech IRL: Selling your smartphone safely

Even if you wipe your smartphone, personal data can be recovered.
Posted In: smartphones

Rules of thumb for staying informed

What I've learned from covering breaking news.


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