Lizzie O’Leary joined Marketplace in 2013 and spearheaded the launch of Marketplace Weekend — the portfolio’s newest program — in 2014.

O’Leary kicked off her journalism career at ABC News, on the Peabody Award-winning team that reported on 9/11. Prior to Marketplace, O’Leary worked for CNN, as an Aviation & Regulation correspondent; for NPR, as a producer and reporter; and for Bloomberg TV, tackling the global credit crisis, the housing market, and the government’s financial rescue package. She was also first to break the news that major American automaker Chrysler would file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

O’Leary earned her master’s degree with honors from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism and graduated cum laude with her bachelor’s degree from Williams College. When she isn’t hosting Marketplace Weekend, she is likely tweeting her sharp and witty take on all things news, politics, business and life. A guest professor at Columbia Journalism School, she can also be seen and heard regularly on Yahoo Finance and BBC Matters, among others.


Features by Lizzie O'Leary

New York Judge shakes up the bail system

Thousands of people are kept in jail pre-trial because they can't make bail.
Posted In: bail system, jail
Chris Gimenez of the Texas Rangers looks on as Luis Valbuena of the Houston Astros hits in the third inning last Thursday in Arlington, Texas.

Did MLB create an in-state rivalry in Texas?

For 40 years, Houston Astros and Texas Rangers fans didn't bother with one another.
Posted In: baseball, Houston Astros, Texas Rangers, texas

Marketplace asks: Are you better off now than 4 years ago?

How do you define economic progress in your own life?
Posted In: Money, future

Pennsylvania's budget battle is hurting school funding

Some local schools are taking out loans to make ends meet.
Posted In: schools, funding, budgets

Bad tech habits were made to be broken

You might be guilty, too. Now, put the phone down and go to sleep already.
Posted In: habits, smart phones

A certified financial planner weighs in on bad habits

Put down the impulse purchase and quit neglecting your 401k.
Posted In: Personal Finance, 401(k), psychology and money

The UN's 17 goals for the next 15 years

The Sustainable Development summit's aim is to end poverty.
Posted In: United Nations, development
An open hood reveals the motor of a Volkswagen e-Golf electric car.

The many computers under the hood

As the VW emissions scandal illustrates, modern cars rely heavily on software.
Posted In: cars, Volkswagen, computers

How to save $3,000, one five at a time

FiveThirtyEight's Jody Avirgan has a peculiar way of saving.
Posted In: Money, Saving, bills


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