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Parisian skyscrapers raise sky-high concerns

Lifted ban on high rise office towers in Paris has created a building boom and controversy in the city of light.
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In France, resistance to restaurants' ready-made meals

Lawmakers in France's lower house have voted to ban restaurants from passing off dishes cooked off-site as freshly prepared on the premises.
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Smells -- coming soon to a theater near you?

Maybe you saw the ‘Google Nose’ April Fool's prank, where users clicked on 'wet dog' and sniffed their laptops to find out what it smells like. Well new smell technology is not a joke -- or not only a joke.
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Many German Christians quit church to avoid tax

In Germany, taxes are levied on believers to fund the churches. Many Germany are now leaving their church in order to avoid the tax.
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French counseling firms teach the art of seduction

From books and plays like "Dangerous Liaisons" and Molière's "Don Juan" to the recent movie "Heartbreaker," seduction has always loomed large in French culture. But is it still true today?
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Life on the edge in Spanish slum

In a shantytown outside of Madrid, a crowded, uneasy life for 30,000 people on the margins of Spain’s struggling economy
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France weighs the cost of preserving its churches

France has more churches than any country in Europe, but some believe the cost of preserving these ancient structures is getting too high.
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Monks feed the rich, so they can give to the poor

Monks on the island of St. Honorat, near Cannes, France, run an upscale restaurant and grow wine so they can make money to give to the poor.
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Tour guide connects Paris and black America

Tour groups like the Black Paris Tour highlight the shared history of Paris and black America, which stretches back to the 18th century when freed slaves and persecuted blacks sought refuge, art and culture in France.
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French candidates face 'Young & Poor' voters

A ratings agency in France evaluates how presidential candidates plan to tackle the country's dire youth employment problem.
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