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Promotion of Gardasil questioned

Professional medical associations' advocacy for the cervical cancer vaccine, Gardasil, has closely resembled the marketing campaign by Merck, the drug's manufacturer, according to a study by the Journal of the American Medical Association. Joel Rose reports.
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Will Mass. insurance cuts really save?

Thousands of legal immigrants in Massachusetts will lose their state-subsidized health insurance. Joel Rose reports on what the cuts will save the state.
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Health insurer's staff frets about reform

President Obama is hoping to squeeze big-time savings out of the health-care industry, which brings in $700 billion a year. That may sound great, unless you happen to work for a health insurance company. Joel Rose reports.
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Dreamliner faces manufacturing woes

Boeing's new Dreamliner is facing another setback -- a problem with the plane's high-tech skin. Joel Rose reports on Boeing's manufacturing challenges as it switches from aluminum to composite materials.
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End-of-life care is a touchy subject

Today the Senate Finance Committee decided end-of-life care is so politically touchy that it can't even be talked about, let alone be included in the final bill. Joel Rose reports.

Start-ups prepare to make the pitch

A handful of venture capitalists will descend on a Philadelphia business incubator tomorrow, where fledgling entrepreneurs spent the summer honing their business plans. Now comes the moment of truth. Joel Rose reports.
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Aluminum price heavy on light demand

Demand for aluminum to build airplanes and cars is down and supplies are up. But the price of aluminum has been climbing -- from a low of 60 cents a pound a few months ago to about 90 cents today. Joel Rose reports.

Demystifying the "Cadillac" health plan

"Cadillac" or "gold-plated" insurance programs have come under fire in the Capitol Hill debate about health care. But just what do the plans cover and how do they work? Joel Rose reports.
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City cameras draw ethical insecurity

To combat their city's high crime rate, businesses in Lancaster, Penn. raised capital to install and operate an elaborate security network. But some worry about giving control of the cameras to a non-police entity. Joel Rose reports.
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Online gambling could see better luck

A federal law passed in 2006 was supposed to put online gambling halls out of business, but one gaming group is challenging the law in court. Joel Rose explores where Congress stands on the issue.
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