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Companies offer incentives to keep employees healthy (and cheap)

Nov 20, 2010
It can become expensive for a company to provide health insurance for unhealthy workers. So in efforts to keep employees healthy -- and cheap -- some are providing some extra incentives.

Don't underestimate the nurse

Nov 20, 2010
Confusion about health care is nothing new, but now there is a growing industry trying to ease that confusion. Reporter Joel Rose has a profile of one such person.

Debating overtreatment or prevention in pregnancy

Nov 20, 2010
Being pregnant provides for a whole other spectrum in the health care world: is there such a thing as overtreatment, or is being preventive more important? Even as an informed patient -- as health reporter Kerry Grens was -- the line can be difficult to draw.

Doctors prepare to partner up with informed patients

Nov 20, 2010
Thanks to the Internet, many more people can become informed about medical conditions and treatments. So where does that leave the doctor? Dr. Dennis Novack teaches first-year residents in Philadelphia, and we checked in at a class to find out how they're preparing for the informed patient.

The invention of health care

Nov 20, 2010
With all the talk and debate over health care, it can become difficult to think about it simply. So here's a try: think about its beginning, all the way back. Gregory Warner takes us back to 1700s, and to a young, hard-working fellow named Philip Syng Physick.

How necessary is that annual physical?

Nov 20, 2010
The annual physical examination is often the reason why many of us see a doctor on a regular basis. It's something that we do half as a check-up and half as a comfort ritual. But how did this habit begin? Gregory Warner checks in to find out.

Ben Franklin's ties to health care

Nov 20, 2010
Ben Franklin, to put it simply, did it all: he was a founding father, inventor, diplomat, scientist, satirist, author, statesman, and so on. So is it any surprise that he had a stake in the history of health care? Gregory Warner explains.

For public good, not for profit.

How health care could become like retirement

Nov 19, 2010
Over the last decade, the emphasis of the decision-making in retirement plans has shifted from employers and 401(k)s to individuals. Could -- or should -- the same happen for health care?

How much should we pay for health care?

Nov 19, 2010
With the health care reform in the U.S., the topic of how much we should pay for health insurance has become a big debate. Tess Vigeland sits down with health economist Mark Pauly to go through the numbers of health care and what it all means.

Why do we wait so long at the doctor's office?

Nov 19, 2010
It's become just another annoying fact of life: the long amount of time spent in the doctor's waiting room. But why? Tess Vigeland pulls up a chair to find out.
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