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Aiming health reform at doctors' pay

The Senate Finance Committee is scheduled to vote Tuesday on a bill that would dramatically expand health insurance coverage. But if it is going to control spending, experts say, it will have to change how doctors are paid. Joel Rose reports.
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Cubs' new owners hope for fresh start

The Chicago Cubs are filing for bankruptcy, which is supposed to give a clean slate to the team's new owners. Joel Rose reports.
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Med students weigh in on health reform

The final health care reform bill will have a big impact on the doctors of tomorrow. What does the next generation of medical practitioners think about the proposed new rules? Joel Rose reports in the next installment of our series, "The Cure."
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Reverse mortgage abuses hurt elderly

The National Consumer Law Center will release a report on abuses in so-called reverse mortgages. Joel Rose reports more lenders are targeting the home equity of seniors.
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Health care meets and greets Web 2.0

Health care and Web professionals will converge in San Francisco next week for a conference on bringing health care into a savvier Web world. This could eventually mean cost savings for patients. Joel Rose reports.
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Ag bill favors small dairy farmers

The House and Senate have agreed to reconcile different versions of an agriculture bill worth about $23 billion, which includes a bailout for dairy farmers. Joel Rose explores who the bill would help most.
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What the increase in RV sales tells us

Among all the gloomy economic indicators out there, there's one glimmer of hope: motor home and RV sales are up. Joel Rose reports on the RV Index.
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How reform may help health insurers

The insurance industry is a staunch supporter of universal health coverage, which is leading some critics to wonder if an overhaul contains a windfall. Joel Rose reports.
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Thai AIDS trial may help fund research

Researchers are meeting in New York this week to see what may come of a possible new AIDS vaccine. Though a public health benefit may be years away, the recent breakthrough in Thailand is encouraging for research investment. Joel Rose reports.
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Retail holiday sales may suffer, but...

Retail analysts say stores could suffer the worst holiday sales in decades this year. But things may not be as bad as they look. Joel Rose reports.
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