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Features by Jenny Ament

The ups and downs of manufacturing jobs

Being laid off in manufacturing 4 times in 3 years
Posted In: manufacturing, layoffs

The economic evolution of streetwear

Catering to a fashion hungry crowd with a penchant for the newest of the new.
Posted In: Retail, streetwear, sneakers, Opinion

Adapting to a changing neighborhood: Book Show

Book Show's odd, unknown, fringe, and quirky collection finds a home.
Posted In: bookstore, independent stores, gentrification, Opinion

Tech IRL: Do you go to the bank?

Banking in the palm of your hand.
Posted In: Money, Banks, Retirement, Opinion

Tech IRL: Who's your daddy?

Look! In the street! It’s a car. It’s a bus. It’s … the Who’s Your Daddy Truck?
Posted In: dna, technology, Opinion

Your Wallet: Guilty Pleasures

What's the one thing you won't give up?
Posted In: Guilty pleasure, Personal Finance, Opinion

The music of politics

Meet one of the people behind the political campaign curtain.
Posted In: politics, election, Music, Opinion

How to stop looking like a jerk in public

Author Chris Black's new book puts you in your place.
Posted In: Twitter, social media, selfie, Opinion

Have you cut out the middle man?

When have you skipped the middle man, and just done it yourself?
Posted In: middle man, DIY, Opinion


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