Jeff Tyler is a reporter for Marketplace’s Los Angeles bureau and reports on issues related to immigration and Latin America. Tyler began his career at Marketplace producing and editing stories and in 2000 his desire to report allowed him to move to the other side of the microphone becoming a foreign correspondent for the program. Tyler admits that working for Marketplace has given him a crash course in world economics. His work has taken him from Argentina and Brazil to Indonesia and Pakistan. A California native, Tyler is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. After college, he worked for a travel guide company, writing a guide for Honduras and editing a travel guide for Mexico.


Features by Jeff Tyler

Fire Chat is hot app in repressive countries.

An new app called Firechat lets people ommunicate even when they're offline, allowing them to keep ahead of government censors.
Posted In: apps, censorship

GE nears deal for Alstom

GE wants turbine company, but may end up in business with French government.
Posted In: GE, energy, nuclear power, France
'The Silkworm'

Amazon wasn't the place to buy J.K. Rowling's new book

Independent book stores promote Hachette titles to win business away from Amazon.
Posted In: J.K. Rowling, Amazon, Books
Washington Redskins

Yes, the Redskins can still sell Redskins gear

The Patent office ruled the Redskins’ federal trademarks must be canceled, but...
Posted In: Redskins, NFL, patents

Businesses in Seattle advocate for higher minimum wage

Seattle expected to approve $15 minimum wage, the highest for any large U.S. city
Posted In: minimum wage, Seattle
Jimi Hendrix's First Burnt Guitar

Bringing Bono on board might not be enough for Fender's slump

Star power may not be enough to end the decrease in guitar sales across the industry.

The cost of concussions

There is plenty of demand for technology to reduce concussions.
Posted In: helmet, NFL, concussion

Rising risk in mortgage market

A stress test for new mortgages reveals higher chances for a market correction.
Posted In: Housing, Mortgages
EU-US Trade Talks

The pros and cons of transatlantic free trade

The trade deal could help auto sales but undermine environmental protections.
Posted In: free trade, European Union
George Lucas

Which cities will profit off the Star Wars museum?

Chicago is competing with San Francisco to host a new George Lucas museum.
Posted In: Star Wars, museum, tourism


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