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Trying to not spend it like Beckham

The L.A. Galaxy soccer team is looking for a few good men to play (cheap) alongside newly-signed British star David Beckham. Tryouts were held this past weekend. Jane Lindholm hit the field with the hopefuls.
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Answering the ring with a beep

Despite all the warnings, people's cell phones continue to be a distraction to moviegoers. So one theater chain is taking new steps to combat the problem. Jane Lindholm reports.
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Our money's on the bull

Bull riding is the fastest-growing sport in the U.S. and all kinds of folks are cashing in. The World Finals kicked off last weekend in Las Vegas. Jane Lindholm took a little more than 8 seconds to check it out.
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State of the American worker

Just how is the average American working man or woman faring these days? Not great says a report from the Economic Policy Institute. Jane Lindholm has the details.

Back-to-school costs

A new survey finds that American families will be spending more on back-to-school items than ever. Jane Lindholm reports.

Charging your tuition?

More college students are carrying tuition debt on their credit cards. Jane Lindholm reports.

Student debt

A government survey out yesterday finds two-thirds of all undergraduate students take on an average debt load of $19,000 to get their degrees. Jane Lindholm reports.

In-flight wireless spectrum auction

A likely winner has emerged in the Federal Trade Commission's auction of radio spectrum to be used for wireless communications on commercial flights. Jane Lindholm tells us who it is.
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More Americans going solo

A census report out today shows more than a quarter of the nation lives alone. Jane Lindholm looks at the economic implications.

You can be Art Brut 102

British band Art Brut has adopted the corporate franchise model, only with a twist. It's giving away its name and music for free. Jane Lindholm reports.


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