Jane Lindholm

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Vermont not spared from Hurricane Irene

Aug 29, 2011
Business owners in Vermont assess the damage from flash floods caused by Hurricane Irene.

A resurrected hope in local hydropower

Aug 15, 2008
With Vermont's contracts with out-of-state electricity plants set to expire, residents are nervous about rising rates. But a group of environmentalists may have found a local solution. Jane Lindholm reports.

High heating oil prices loom over U.S.

Jul 31, 2008
With heating oil prices expected to top $5 a gallon this winter, consumers are worried about heating their homes and many fuel dealers are facing the threat of collapse. Jane Lindholm reports.

New Hampshire's other candidates

Jan 8, 2008
The $1,000 entry fee for presidential candidates in New Hampshire allows more people to run, and more unique platforms to be heard. Jane Lindholm looks into what some of the smaller candidates have to say.

Making a virtual impression

Sep 4, 2007
Golf has been a popular way to schmooze with the boss. But the workplace and the games we play are changing. Reporter Jane Lindholm thought it might be worth a shot at a new approach.

Studying ways to help 2-career couples

Jun 18, 2007
A lot of married couples find themselves having to figure out who gives up what so the other can take the job of a lifetime. Jane Lindholm reports it's a problem especially common in academia.

Foreclosed homes are going, going . . .

May 23, 2007
As foreclosed homes flood the market, lenders are looking to get their money out as soon as possible. One way to do that is at auction. Jane Lindholm checked out the bidding where lots of homes were on the block.

When there's less white on the Green Mountain State

Apr 18, 2007
Vermont has long relied on winter tourism to bolster its economy. But with less snow and warmer weather this past season, businesses are considering other options. Jane Lindholm reports.

Subprime lending from the ground floor

Mar 20, 2007
We've heard a lot about the big names in subprime lending lately. But people like Frances Geary are struggling to keep their homes as mortgage payments rise. She talked with Jane Lindholm from her Upland, Calif., residence.

Trying to not spend it like Beckham

Feb 12, 2007
The L.A. Galaxy soccer team is looking for a few good men to play (cheap) alongside newly-signed British star David Beckham. Tryouts were held this past weekend. Jane Lindholm hit the field with the hopefuls.