Dan is a sustainability reporter for Marketplace.  He has produced multimedia and radio features for WBEZ, NPR, BBC World Service and other public-media outlets. 


Features by Dan Weissmann

Norman Williams is CEO of Illinois Service Federal Savings and Loan on Chicago's South Side.

Black-owned banks are dying. Here's why it matters.

Spoiler alert: Racism still exists. And research shows it affects lending.
Posted In: race, bank, Chicago, racism
City of Chicago flag

How bad are Chicago's debt problems, really?

...and how did our third-largest city end up with a junk-bond rating from Moody's?
Posted In: Chicago, pensions, debt
Packaging ketchup isn't cheap.

Why are ketchup packets so... unsatisfying?

They're too small, hard to open, and utterly resistant to change.
Posted In: ketchup, Heinz ketchup, food manufacturers
Chairman and CEO of salesforce.com Marc Benioff.

What's Salesforce, and how could it be worth $49B?

Microsoft is a possible bidder for the "customer relationship management" company.
Posted In: big data, Mergers and Acquisitions, Microsoft, Oracle

For-profit prison companies adjust to new era

The U.S. is sending fewer people to prison, but profits still come in.
Posted In: prisons, criminal justice, corrections
Some food companies are scaling back on antibiotic usage in animals.

Tyson cuts antibiotics in chickens, are hogs next?

Eliminating routine antibiotic use is most challenging in cattle
Posted In: Tyson, chicken, USDA, antibiotics, pork, beef, hogs, cattle, superbugs

Chipotle goes GMO-free, except for the meat

Animals raised on a GMO-free diet are too hard to come by.
Posted In: Chipotle, GMOS, restaurants, organic, organic food, meat, corn
Verizon has launched a new TV package, leading to objections from some major content providers, such as ESPN.

Slimmer cable bundles rattle media companies

Content companies say Verizon can't legally offer a package with fewer channels.
Posted In: Verizon, cable, TV distributors
Bloomberg terminals used by subscribers to make trades using real-time developments in business and finance were struck by a 'global network problem' for several hours April 17, 2015.

Why markets freaked when Bloomberg crashed

An outage at the financial-data giant shows how much some traders rely on it.
Posted In: bloomberg, stock market, terminals, trading


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