Dan is a sustainability reporter for Marketplace.  He has produced multimedia and radio features for WBEZ, NPR, BBC World Service and other public-media outlets. 


Features by Dan Weissmann

Energy Star

EnergyStar keeps consumer trust, despite bumps

If Whirlpool pulls out, it's leaving behind a trusted brand.
Posted In: Congress, grants, brands, green-washing, EPA, GAO
House Construction Building Shell

'Bad' housing numbers might reflect good news

Or maybe a chilly spring in North Carolina. Experts are still puzzling it out.
Posted In: housing market, housing starts
Rupert Murdoch

Why Murdoch wants Time Warner: leverage

Time Warner turned down Rupert Murdoch's reported $80 billion offer. He'll be back.
Posted In: Rupert Murdoch, Deals, Mergers and Acquisitions, offers

Bike-sharing's big problem: missing bikes

The biggest, most-popular programs won't expand in 2014. They can't get new bikes.
Posted In: bike sharing, carbon footprint, bankruptcy

Killing Archie, to keep his brand healthy

There are many Archies loose in the world.
Posted In: cartoon, comic books, future

Shlepping bike-share cycles in a giant van

Urban bike share's low-carbon, high-tech vision ... requires a few gas guzzlers.
Posted In: bike sharing, urban, sustainability

Alcoa wants to be known for more than aluminum

Alcoa's bid to brand itself an "innovation powerhouse" recalls its roots.
Posted In: Alcoa, rebranding, aerospace

Before Facebook, there was Tuskegee and Milgram

How research ethics rules came to be. Dramatically.
Posted In: Facebook, research, psychology

Not just T-Mobile: how bogus charges get on your bill

Check your bill. "Cramming" goes back decades -- and costs billions.
Posted In: T-Mobile, Cellphones

More workers get crammed into less space

Businesses have added back jobs since the recession, but not office space.
Posted In: office, Great Recession, Jobs


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